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Creole Moon- The Betrayal

"The strength of Holmes’ novel lies in its colorful settings and diverse cast of characters..."- Kirkus Reviews
Creole Moon Book of Roots

"Overall Creole Moon: Book of Roots is a remarkable, unforgettable, and original novel that will compel and captivate readers from the start thanks to the incredible plot development, enigmatic characters and superb and mesmerizing descriptions so of course, I have to award this astonishing book five stars!" - Aimee Ann - ​Redheaded Book Lovers Blog
Creole Moon - The Betrayal

"Critique: An inherently absorbing read from first page to last, "Creole Moon: The Betrayal" clearly demonstrates author S. T. Holmes' master of the paranormal historical romance genre. Very highly recommended for community library collections, it should be noted for personal reading lists that "Creole Moon: The Betrayal" is also available in a Kindle edition ($7.99)." - James A. Cox - Midwest Book Review

Creole Moon Book of Roots

​"The writing is lyrical and there is a great intersection of plots. Holmes paints vivid descriptions of the landscapes (the swamp, Mt. Olympus) and she gives great detail to a character’s physical and mental makeup (particularly George’s light beast). The historical connection between ancient gods and modern magic is particularly inspiring – this and the plight of George are what kept me reading." - Jason Lulos - Pacific Book Review

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